JOB POSTING: MasterPeace Co-creation Coordinator

  • Do you want to inspire and support change-makers in 40 countries?

  • Are you passionate to grow your personal leadership and create social impact?

  • Are you authentically interested in people and their talents?

  • Are you qualified to create innovative concepts and identify funding opportunities?

  • Are you experienced in project management, coordination and implementation? 

You will join a team that is busy with: 
  • Working closely with MasterPeace club teams to meet project goals, adhering to their responsibilities 
  • Support on creating concepts and campaigns to inspire talents all over the world.
  • Coordinating regional exchanges with your focus on Asia, with an bird view on other parts of the world. 
  • Support in growing to the next level of creating and facilitating partnership globally with finding unconventional ways to connect
  • Work creatively and analytically in a problem-solving environment demonstrating teamwork, innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Facilitate best practice sharing between the organization and local clubs, and amongst the clubs themselves. Monitor clubs performance and complete performance reviews, and report on it.
This is your chance to help MasterPeace grow in impact all over the world!
We are looking for:
  • A great mind with an academic level of thinking, a minimum of 5 years of working experience in a global context and based in The Netherlands;
  • Entrepreneurial skills and spirit, which requires a very long-term commitment, constant listening and adjusting, and realistic how-to thinking, and passion for seeing ideas come to life;
  • A track record of creating new ideas, bringing them into action and creating systemic change in a given field, with the ability to lead, motivate and co-create with diverse teams/contexts and backgrounds;
  • A tech-savvy colleague with an eye for new trends, technologies, tools, and innovations
  • Experienced program manager capable of strategic thinking, and reviewing the actions on the ground with the transformation model of our organization.
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