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“Artivist Stafëte” is a project funded under the grant for Support to Active Citizenship by the European Commission and is funded by the European Union. The project is implemented locally by Dutch organizations MasterPeace and Stichting art.1, in partnership with Open Mind Spectrum Albania (OMSA) and ACT for SOCIETY Center. This project aims to (i) improve the environment for active citizenship and civic participation by providing civil society sector organizations (CSOs) with tools to grant-marginalized groups and side-lined voices in Albania with instruments to infiltrate the mainstream narrative and democratic dialogue at a local, Albanian and European level.
What is Artivist Stafete ONLINE HUB?
The project will have both an online component as well as a physical component. Part of the latter, is the ONLINE HUB, a multi-disciplinary space in which participants of the training, CSO employees, and the general public can produce, disseminate and interact with the project’s creative, intellectual, and dissemination outputs and activities. As such, the ONLINE HUB space is essential to the project’s effective execution and successful completion.
The online space is projected as a meeting and mingling space for actors from the civil society sector, activists, artists, and the general public. All participating organizations connect through the online creative hub platform which enables them to share experiences, bond and work, equipping themselves in soft skill competencies through access to our toolkit with filmmaking and podcast features, as well as key editing software (Adobe Premiere for film, Audacity for podcast and Canva for Walls of Connection). Thus, all participating organizations engage in an online user-friendly platform that functions as both archive as well as forums for the project. The realized products (films, podcasts) will be also hosted on the platform, driving traffic to it from diverse dissemination tools. Also, the online hub is open for any individual, activists, artist or CSO in Albania who wishes to partake in it. 
Thematic/ Focus Areas
– Applicants must have experience in hosting interactive trainings on online platform, with experience to make online tools interactive and engaging for users to utilize. 
– Providing online tools on artivism methodologies and interaction for our target group, (some of the tools will be advised by the contracting authority) 
– Ability to attract participants from the target group and potential activities, by creating online communities that are engaging to the target group.
– Part of an interactive network of other CSOs that could be invited for training and activities
The online hub is a website which should function as:
> a virtual place which connects all participants (organisations and individuals); 
> a virtual place which tells our project visually and inspires and connects through stories;
> a digital interactive hosting space for all the produced art works (think of short films, documentary films, podcasts, online photo gallery);
> an online community for all those participating in the project and stakeholders who are interested in the project result;
> online environment where participants can find our training methodologies;
> online environment where storage links to (vimeo / dropbox);
> online environment with links to editing programs and manuals of these programs/
> Providing  a subscription to ICT tools for production of audio and video (Audacity for podcasts, Zoom account, video Editing Tool /Adobe Premiere (Film-editing)), Canva for design) 
> online environment where calls are launched / central information point;
> online environment which connects our offline and online activities; as participants can access different information, live streaming, activities 
> online calendar with project activities   which includes a collective of cultural activities that showcases the project in the city 

Deadline: 18th of October 2021 

Eligibale Application 
The current Call for Proposals seeks to support a consortium of lead applicant of CSO and co-applicant of (private ICT) or (ICT-based organization) OR a 
(partnership between CSO and private or other form of  ICT company) 
OR (CSO that would outsource ICT to a private company as a service provider or any ICT-based organization) including activities on advocacy, citizenship  action as our main core of the project
Min. 24 500 EUR
Max 26 550 EUR
How to apply?
To apply, please fill in the application form, which can be found here, and send it by email to
For further information regarding this call, the procedure of application, and criteria of selection, please contact

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