It takes YOU & ME to ACT!
That's MasterPeace!


We believe that everyone has a talent. 
MasterPeace envisions a world where everyone uses their talent to take action towards creating a more peaceful, inclusive & sustainable world. 


Our mission is to connect, support and strengthen CSOs for more social impact and share and scale innovative best practices to engage, connect and empower young people locally to use their talents for a peaceful, inclusive & sustainable future.


Positivity | Impartiality | Co-creation | “Walk the talk”

MasterPeace in 2022


The work of MasterPeace has become more relevant than ever before. On both global and local levels, we are all facing many interrelated challenges from the increasing gap between “haves and the have-nots”, exponential military expenditure and unprecedented climate change, to populism, polarization and extremism. The answer is: it takes YOU and ME to ACT for social impact.

With our 10 years+ of experience, we have met many dedicated young leaders who have incredible passion and drive towards building peace among their communities. Together, we have realized more than 2500 projects worldwide with real, deep-rooted social impact. We invite you to have a brief look at our stories here.

In MasterPeace, we believe in ‘values’ and in ‘creating value’. That’s why MasterPeace is funded by value-driven partners such as companies and family funds. Together, we create campaigns, concepts and funding that enable all our Clubs to grow their local action and make their impact truly sustainable.


The MasterPeace peace movement is run by local well-established NGOs/Social Enterprises in 45 countries, who are licensed to operate as a ‘MasterPeace Club’ in their locality. They are facilitated by a highly motivated core team based in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

We offer a unique platform to a large community of changemakers, social entrepreneurs, volunteers, bloggers, journalists, musicians, entrepreneurs and active citizens to connect and support each other with taking action.

We monitor and evaluate the projects of our MasterPeace Clubs twice a year. In 2022, we carried out over 430 projects in 45 countries. Our joint learning capacity is THE ‘driver’ for our yearly growth in quantity and quality, based on a unique model of a low-cost, bottom-up organization.


The model of MasterPeace is an ‘upside-down pyramid’. Our MasterPeace Clubs are in the lead, facilitated globally and regionally by a core team alongside a wide pool of talent-bankers, board members and experts.

MasterPeace Clubs are set up on the values of positivity and impartiality. Being a part of the grassroots movement mobilizes them to run at least 4 projects per year with true local impact. In this way, the movement can be seen as an inspirational knowledge network of passionate  changemakers who constantly motivate each other and co-create for local social impact.

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