It takes YOU & ME to ACT!
That's MasterPeace!

 MasterPeace is a global, multi-award-winning, positive grassroots network of NGOs, social enterprises, partner organizations, active citizens and artists that make the difference locally; at school, in the streets and in the communities. From Kathmandu, Nairobi and Utrecht to Medellin. MasterPeace is active in more than 45 countries. Through a social franchise model we license local organizations as MasterPeace clubs.
We believe that everyone has a talent. 
MasterPeace envisions a world where everyone uses their talent to take action towards creating a more peaceful, inclusive & sustainable world. 


Our mission is to connect, support and strengthen CSOs for more social impact and share and scale innovative best practices to engage, connect and empower young people locally to use their talents for a peaceful, inclusive & sustainable future.


Positivity | Impartiality | Co-creation | “Walk the talk”

MasterPeace in 2023


The work of MasterPeace has become more relevant than ever before. On both global and local levels, we are all facing many interrelated challenges from the growing inequality and polarisation, the lack of perspective and unemployment, unprecedented climate change and a lack of co-creation. The answer is: it takes YOU and ME to ACT for social impact.


The world faces increasing conflicts and gaps due to polarization, lack of perspective, unengaged citizens and climate pressure. The urgency for the work of peacebuilding and the role of civil society organizations is high, but there is a big lack of co-creation between these organizations.

MasterPeace believes in bottom up change and that everyone has a role to play. That is why we focus on getting everyone actively involved (locally) in taking positive action towards a more peaceful & sustainable world. We cannot tackle the challenges on our own, we need to co-create, that is why we build a network of like-minded Civil Society Organizations (CSOs).  

We have realized more than 3000 projects worldwide with real, deep-rooted social impact. We invite you to have a brief look at our stories here.


The MasterPeace network is run by local well-established CSOs in 45 countries, who are licensed to operate as a ‘MasterPeace Club’ in their locality. They are facilitated by the foundation through a highly motivated core team based in Utrecht, the Netherlands. 

Our organizational model is a unique ‘upside-down pyramid’, where the MasterPeace Clubs are in the lead. Based on the concept of ‘social franchising’ every club takes ownership of their projects according to local needs. The foundation offers support by knowledge sharing, personal & professional coaching, partnership building, sharing and scaling best practices and driving co-creation and ecosystem transformation. 

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