Masterpeace Walks 2022

Masterpeace Walks 2022

On November 25, 2021

Masterpeace Walks 2022

Information related to the Coronavirus:
Of course, like everyone else, are we unsure of how the Coronavirus will develop in the coming months. We advise participants to wait with booking their flights. The trip can still be canceled because of Corona even when there are enough participants.
We will continue to monitor the situation and keep you informed of relevant developments of the walks.

Masterpeace Walk Nepal

Masterpeace Walk Georgia

Join the MasterPeace Walk 2022

ENGAGE with self, other and culture
EMPOWER young Nepali, projects and communities
ACTIVATE care for nature and show-up as your true self

Join us in discovering genuine Nepal. Going beyond the mnt Everest and the regular tourist areas, we will introduce you to the real Nepal, real people, real culture and real nature. 
This is a powerful opportunity
to deepen your own life-journey and discover a new chapter in your leadership-journey. 

Date: 2 - 11 November 2022 
Area: Dhahding Nepal
Contact details for more information:
Celine Lustig 06-36209473 
Veronique Swinkels 06-51572672 
Costs; € 1.850- (excl travel)

Join the MasterPeace Walk 2022

Join us in an unique 10-days experience in Racha area in the north-east part of Georgia. Racha area is rich in beautiful nature and cultural monuments. 

You will discover and experience the culture and rituals of Georgia, and as for 6 days you will walk, live and sleep in nature together. Disconnect from western civilization; reconnect with nature and yourself; experience via silence, storytelling, rituals, sharing and reflection;  Enjoy a healthy environment 
This journey is a deeper experience in which you will connect, discover and learn from nature, culture and your own personal leadership. 

Date: 1-10 June 2022
Area: North East Georgia, Racha area
Contact details for more information:
Thea Overgaauw 0031 6 82756167 
Mark Stienen 0031 6 83621953
Costs: €1850,- (excl travel)


More Information Nepal

More Information Georgia

Application Form Nepal

Application Form Georgia

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Aida Sammour: The Decade That Forged a Strong Future.

Aida Sammour: The Decade That Forged a Strong Future.

On November 23, 2021

Aida Sammour: The Decade That Forged a Strong Future.

Aida Sammour joined MasterPeace by coincidence, she was attending a wedding and a friend suggested to her to apply for a job in a vibrant new youth organization that was using music and talent to create change, and before she knew it, she had stayed on for seven years witnessing the growth of MasterPeace and club leaders from world over growing from strength to strength.

As the main contact person with all the clubs, she focused on smooth communication, operations and planning, by then, there were about 20 clubs which have now grown to more than 58 clubs spread globally, this was both a challenge and a blessing because every year a new club was popping out from all corners of the world. MasterPeace was later recognized as the fastest growing peace organization in the world by Ban Ki-Moon.

"The historic MasterPeace in concert was a momentous mark in the history of MasterPeace, and we spent a lot of time organizing with other MasterPeace clubs to have tens of similar concerts going on around the world in tandem with the main event in the Netherlands at Ziggo Dome that saw artists from conflict areas share a platform."

"This experience helped me, differentiate between managerial leadership and influential leadership, the later which is more impactful especially when you are working with young people from around the world and artist who don’t like bureaucracy and hierarchy, and being at the front line, it was always interesting interacting with different parts of the world at the same time, because one part of the world would be in crisis while the other side of the world would be celebrating at the same time and we have to come up with projects and insights for both or multiple scenarios."

"Seven years later, after working with MasterPeace my sense of multi-culture, the essence of inclusion and diversity made me richer in experience and character, and that is something that I really I’m proud of every time I reflect upon my engagement with MasterPeace."

Some of the key outstanding moments which Aida looks back on include the last boot camp she co-organized in Colombia which turned out to be the biggest and may be one of the most successful one. "Hearing the stories from different young leaders from around the world has always been very special to me, because you witness young people grow as strong leaders who are then able to influence a whole community." Aida shares she is still in contact with many MasterPeace young leaders even after she stopped working at MasterPeace. 

"I’m inspired to see that the movement is going on strong and the clubs are growing, the formula works and the foundation of MasterPeace is built to last. The formula has been tested, proven to work and transformative, and I know that MasterPeace will celebrate twenty, fifty and many more years as it a dynamic organization that is needed in the world."

MasterPeace Flagship concerts that accompanied the Ziggo Dome 2014

Bootcamp in Colombia as Aida mentioned and she is in it

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Masterpeace Walks 2022

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Aida Sammour: The Decade That Forged a Strong Future.

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