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E(art)h’s Heartbeat for Peace Day is a global event designed to unite people to create a shared “heartbeat,” symbolizing the interconnectedness of humanity and our planet. On this day, participants worldwide will participate in various activities and performances, promoting peace, unity, and environmental awareness.


International Day of Peace 2023 supports launching our COOLeaders campaign globally, inviting change-makers active on climate issues to showcase their COOL efforts and encouraging even more to join these efforts or start their own.

Join us in the COOLeaders Cooling Earth campaign and Earth Heartbeat action, where we’re turning passion into action to combat global warming and protect the environment.

Download the Earth HeartBeat Song:

World Health Organisation estimates that, by 2030, 250,000 people will die each year due to the effects of climate change! BUT WHAT IF we reverse that!! 

 It takes 250,000 COOLeaders to COOL Earth, NOW!  

COOLeaders drive positive climate actions within their communities as they champion efforts to COOL Earth. We will know their names, and support their actions. 


What Makes a Leader, COOLeader?

Connect with climate change-makers 
Organize positive mass actions as a platform for taking action 
Offer opportunities equally for community members to contribute 
Lead a movement of dedicated change-makers and drive transformation in local communities.

The MasterPeace network, present in 45 countries, is about to launch the “COOLeaders” campaign dedicated to taking action on climate change. In 2022, our network successfully implemented 400 projects with a localized impact. These projects were designed to Engage, Connect, and Empower thousands of young individuals. Our objective is to encourage dialogue and concrete actions that align with the ambitious goals outlined in the Paris Agreement and reinforce the urgent warnings expressed in the IPCC report.

  • Act now wherever you can, whatever you can to stop climate change

  • Tag us using #COOLeaders

  • Make a powerful video statement starting with I am a COOLeader…

  • Use our templates to create a post on your social media

  • Invite your friends and networks to this action-oriented campaign






Key Numbers 

250,000+ COOLeaders

45+ countries, 60 MasterPeace Clubs

Featuring 200+ activities globally


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On World Environment Day, 5 June, MasterPeace is launching the COOLeaders Campaign with the global MasterPeace family. This initiative emphasizes ACT NOW for climate change via connecting, engaging, and empowering approach.

COOL you. COOL earth.


National Youth Conference 2023: Inviting 220 COOLeaders from 77 districts of Nepal in one platform who will drive climate initiatives in their local communities.

Objectives of the National Youth Conference 2023:

  • To promote the participation of Nepali youths in decision-making processes at all three tiers of the government
  • To focus on the enhancement of youths in the field of leadership, entrepreneurship, networking, policy-making, good governance, and personality development
  • To empower representatives and semi-skilled Nepalese youth from all 77 districts by providing them with the necessary tools and skills to design policies and grow their careers and generating awareness about using IT to benefit both the youth and the country.

The output of National Youth Conference 2023

  • 7 Provincial Plans of Action focusing on the major workout area of the provinces based on the thematic areas of the conference.
  • 7 Dynamic Provincial seed-fund plans focusing on the conference’s thematic areas.
  • Mobilizing the 77 COOLeaders in the local community with Climate Action initiatives.

Thematic Areas for National Youth Conference 2023:

  • Youth for SDGs
  • Climate Action
  • Gender Equality
  • Youth Entrepreneurship
  • Youths in Elections
  • Good Governance

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Mr. Saroj Baniya
Founder & President, Nepal Youth Council, and MasterPeace NYC |

International Day of Peace
We are celebrating International Day of Peace with “E(art)h Heart Beat” Globally in more than 200+ events.

To unite 8 billion people worldwide in creating a synchronized “E(art)h’s Heartbeat” to promote global peace, unity, and environmental consciousness.

E(art)h’s Heartbeat for Peace Day is a global event designed to unite people to create a shared “heartbeat,” symbolizing the interconnectedness of humanity and our planet. On this day, participants worldwide will participate in various activities and performances, promoting peace, unity, and environmental awareness.

Every partner/club will gather their community to host their SDGs-related events and activities, such as concerts, workshops, and peace marches, encouraging participation from people of all ages and backgrounds.

Earth He(art)Beat song produced by MasterPeace & Holland Park Media.
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First Global Summit of Children and Youth on Climate Change and Bio Diversity in Odisha, India. MasterPeace is one of the partners where the conference aims to build knowledge, leadership skills, and climate change awareness among school children and young people to be engaged in dialogue with the community leaders, bureaucrats, Policymakers, and political leaders and initiate climate change advocacy and finalize climate action.
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Dr. Manoranjan Mishra
Head Delegate Reception Committee

In this COOLtalk we will be tuning in to and interacting with experts from Sri Lanka who are grappling with issues of development in a country severely challenged due to financial crisis and a history of disruptions due to climate change events as well as ethnic & communal violence.

COOLtalks are part of Masterpeace COOLeaders global program which aims to build ownership and leadership at grass roots level to address the issues of environment – natural, developmental and cultural. We hope to reach out to common people and engage, inform and motivate them to take practical steps to solve key issues and to transform the conditions which lead to the crisis. The program is committed to tackling climate action, toxicity in our lives and enabling equal participation of women and marginalized communities.

The COOLeaders program is using creative modes likes arts, films,sports, etc towards its purposes.

December 18, 2023 at 2 pm (Colombo time), i.e. 2 pm (IST)

Open to all

Joining link:


Mr.Leel Randeni
Climate Change Secretariat
Government of SriLanka

Mr.Thilak Kariyawasam
Lanka Organic Agriculture Movement (LOAM)
Executive Director,
FIAN Sri Lanka

Suranjan Kodithuwakku
Green Movement of Sri Lanka (GMSL)

Mr.Janak Premathilaka
Janathakshan Guarantee Ltd.Sachitha N.Hewage
Executive Director
Asia Lanka Social Development Co-operation (ALSDC)

Aart Bos, CEO, Masterpeace Global

Moderated by Sudipta Dawn, Masterpeace COOLeaders

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Ignite Change: Become a COOLeader

Embrace your talents, join our global campaign, and make a difference. Volunteer, inspire, and implement sustainable projects. Be a talent banker, an influencer for a COOL Earth. Unleash your power to create a better future for all.





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