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Are you a MasterPeace Club with a locally-tested project that’s primed to revolutionize the world? Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to apply for our Innovation Factory! Our mission is to supercharge and scale trailblazing innovations that foster peace, inclusivity, and sustainability across the globe. So, let’s join forces and make an extraordinary impact together!


What We Look For

 Proven Local Success: Showcase your innovative project’s tangible, positive impact at the local level, emphasizing its contribution to fostering peace, inclusivity, and sustainability.

Timely Solutions: Describe the problem your innovation aims to solve, highlighting its relevance and significance in today’s world.

Transformative Impact: Illustrate how your innovation creates substantial social, economic, or environmental changes in local communities and beyond, ultimately contributing to a better world.

Global Scalability: Demonstrate your innovation’s potential to expand its reach and impact on a global scale, resonating with communities around the world.

What We Offer

Nurturing Growth: A comprehensive incubation and acceleration program to elevate your innovation to new heights.

Expert Guidance: Personalized coaching from top business professionals, honing essential skills for successful product development, including business modeling, theory of change, branding, and more.

Expansive Connections: Exclusive access to a vast network of partners, investors, funders, and growth opportunities to amplify your innovation’s impact.

Global Expansion: Unwavering support in scaling your innovation to reach worldwide markets, maximizing its social footprint.

Our Jury

Luisa Gockel

Nico van Vuuren

Peter Ndungu

Luisa is a former journalist with 20 years’ experience in the non-profit and social innovation fields.
She spent the past decade working in the education sector in the UK where she was part of the founding team at Apps for Good and worked with Unreasonable and Pearson to deliver accelerator
programmes for start-ups working to improve literacy and education globally. Following her passion for education and innovation, Luisa joined the Lightbulb Trust in 2020 as Director where she heads up impact investing and grant-making for the Trust.

Late nineties, Nico van Vuuren decided to combine his experience as a professional rose grower with his huge passion for football. He converted the greenhouse technology into a system that can be used for growing grass in big sports stadiums. Even though it took six years to convince the world of professional football, his technology now helps over 500 stadiums worldwide to grow a high quality football pitch all year round. As someone who is always striving to do better, his current focus is on developing tools to make professional sports grounds more sustainable.

A Kenya- Ugandan born living in the Netherlands, and a seasoned entrepreneur who is passionate about performance, productivity & growth . Co-founder of the GreatMinds & pioneer of ScanCoaching Africa in Kenya. His mission is to facilitate transformation through creativity, coaching & learning to accelerate scalable solutions in organization behavior.
Peter, infuse proven tools, research, and human-centered design thinking to co-create in finding future-proof solutions for individuals, teams, and organizations.

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