ACT! for Liberty

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What does freedom mean? What does it mean to you personally? And can we feel the impact of challenges like climate change, migration streams and terrorist attacks on freedom within Europe?

Europe for Citizens makes it possible that MasterPeace will Act for liberty in four different countries; Bosnia Herzegovina, Croatia, Germany & the Netherlands. During the Act for liberty sessions we investigate what threatens our freedom today. We will challenge young Europeans to come with solutions for an open, free and inclusive society that brings freedom to us all. Topics we will discuss are the anti-democratic tendencies in Europe, limited freedom of speech, Euroscepticism and disinformation.

Are we the boiling frogs that are cooked alive or can we keep our head cool and act in time?

With intriguing questions on topics that threaten our freedom we find out what is the boiling point and makes us act. What is, in your eyes, the border that can not be crossed if it comes to our freedom of speech, movement and act.

In search for solutions and new ideas to keep our freedom we start a dialogue to investigate together what can we do for our freedom. Everyone can contribute, every idea is valuable to come to common solutions.  

For youngsters in the Netherlands freedom may feel like an obvious thing since the Second World War but for the youth in Bosnia Herzegovina this might be completely different. Together with MasterPeace clubs in Bosnia Herzegovina (Youth Power), Croatia (Ludbreska Udruga Mladih Entuzijasta), Germany (Jugend, Bildung und Kultur EV) and our partner Autres Directions we are looking forward to this great project.

We will keep you all posted on a monthly basis about all the projects achieved for Act for Liberty.

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