We believe in Upside Down Pyramids 

We believe in servant leadership, where our core team serves the movement and our amazing community.

Instead of a traditional top-down approach, we embrace the power of the upside-down pyramid. Our core team are at the bottom, supporting and empowering every individual in our movement, our clubs & partners!

Core Team

Aart Bos

Global Leadership

Ashwini Dhakal

Creative Resource Mobilizer for Asia


Dorothée Meijer

Program Manager

Hamza Bouksim

Creative Resource Mobilizer for Africa

Karin Rozema

Clubs Coordination Manager 

Linda Witte

Project Manager/Producer

Lucija Popovska​

MasterPeace Co-Leader

Marleen Boersen

Program Manager

Natalia van der Wee

Program Management and Innovation


Maryam Hayyan

Creative Resource Mobilizer for Africa

Njomza Berisha

MasterPeace Western Balkans

Raghda ElHalawany

MasterPeace Co-Leader

Saugat Jung Pandey

Creative Resource Mobilizer for Asia

Yarima Lugo

Project Manager 

Board members

Ditta Dolejsiova

Board Member
Based in: Slovakia

Jessica Rothenberg Aalami

Board Member
Based in: The USA

Ante Frens

Board Member
Based in: The Netherlands

Matthias Scheffelmeijer

Board Member
Based in: Germany

Luísa Gockel

Headshot Luisa

Board Member
Based in: Spain

Luisa is a former journalist with 20 years’ experience in the social innovation field. She spent the past decade working in the education sector in the UK where she was part of the founding team at Apps for Good and led Pearson’s social innovation strategy, accelerating more than 40 edtech start-ups globally. Luisa joined MasterPeace’s board in 2020 as she’s passionate about working with young people and using arts to make the world a better place for future generations.

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