Creating Networks with Networks

Written by Aart Bos

MasterPeace Leadership

This decade presents us unprecedented challenges. In the vision of MasterPeace Peace does not mean the absence of war, but the presence of equality (income, gender, background, religions) , freedom of speech and democratic values. COVID puts the spotlights exactly on the weaknesses in our global and local systems. We recognize an increase in polarization, nationalism and extremism.
Our answer is that we believe there are 7 billion talents and not 7 billion issues. We believe in abundance and not in scarcity. We believe in trust and not in fear-driven ideas. We believe in ACT as in “doing” and as in Artist Create Together. The power of creativity and even I am an artist to create my own future and that of my children and grandchildren.
The strategy of MasterPeace is to fuel value-driven co-creation. To put all our commitment to growing our social impact by co-creating with like-minded networks as fluid coalitions.
We are putting this ambition into practice. One example:
On the 21 st of September, we organized a global Youth Assemble in co-creating with our great friends
of CityTransformer, AIESEC, Doughnut Economics, Ubiquity University,  and its series of seminars called: Humanity Rising Global, Peace Child, The Hague Centre, and many others.
Young change-makers of MasterPeace with all together youngsters from 100 cities had a dialogue in the context of the Doughnut economy framework on how a sustainable future can be achieved.
In 4 time zones from sunrise to sunset they shared ideas and showed that their Future is NOW!
The epicenter of the event was YOUTH ISLAND – a former sea fortress located a short sailing trip from the UN-City in Copenhagen. Since the fortress was handed over to the Danish Scouts five years ago, it has been transformed into a unique gathering place for young people from all over the world.
After harvesting the views and conclusions that emerged during discussions that took place on six different continents, The assembly identified a number of imminent and urgent issues that must be addressed by the World Leaders
Click here to view the Peace day 2020 Global Youth Assembly Declaration (PDF)
On Peace day, September 21, a delegation of youth representatives sailed from Youth Island to the UN City in Copenhagen on a Viking Ship, to hand over the conclusions from the Global Youth Assembly to UNDP Director Camilla Brückner, who promised to forward the conclusions to the General Assembly.
During the Humanity Rising webinar hosted by the Ubiquity University, we handed over a gift to UN representative of 100 cities as the UN celebrated it 75 anniversary.
This birthday card was a gift and a request to have next year 21/9/2021 an intergeneration dialogue on the 10 statements that were generated.
The Global Youth Assembly will reconvene on Peace day 2021 in response to the UN 75 Declaration and seek to engage with the UN and the World Leaders to ensure that Youth’s voice is heard.

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