Students will use storytelling techniques to share and collect stories. Can be on any topic. Based on the stories they share and collect they create a fairy tale to put their stories in a more general context. The fairy tale will be a video production. With the goal of giving a moral in a way the audience will remember. They exist to teach a lesson. The fairy tales/videos will be shared with their community.

→ citizenship: sharing and collecting stories and extracting lessons from it
→ digital literacy: creation of video productions
→ creativity: they need to use their imagination to create a fairy tale and create the visuals for the fairy tale
→ community project: sharing of the fairy tales/videos with the community

Every project consists of 5 lessons, including home works and community activity. They utilise the Blended Learning approach – a combination of teacher-led virtual and in-class lessons, individual tasks and group work offline and online. However, the final decision on the format is up to a teacher, based on resources and technology availability.

To set up one of Once Upon a Time projects click on the icon with chosen language below and download project materials on different topics. 

Project materials include:
– a master Project Plan with detailed instructions and links to connected materials;
– presentations for each lesson;
– handouts for students.   

There are two topics available right now in each language: Migration and Pandemic. Teachers may also download materials and use our storytelling technique as a template for any other topic relevant for their students.  

Together we can create a bigger impact.  Have you created your own materials on important topic using provided technic and lesson template? Are you willing to share them with other educational professionals on ACT! in Education Lab? Come in contact with us via email We will upload your lesson plans in English or in your local language and let teachers community know about new topics available. 

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