Afghanistan and Slovakia: International day of peace 2018


On the 21st of September we celebrated the International Day of Peace (IDP) to strengthen the ideals of peace, both within and among all nations and peoples. Every year, we introduce a theme to our clubs under which they can celebrate this wonderful day. For the 2018 edition we choice ACT! which means Artists Create Together! In pairs, our 46 clubs (23 pairs) co-created amazing events. In these post-IDP stories we will share their work. Today: Afghanistan and Slovakia.

Art for tolerance and respect

The cooperation between Mansoor Raufi, Club Leader in Afghanistan, and Lucia Mikulova, Club Leader in Slovakia, are a great example of how differences can be crossed by art, dance, and music. Communities in Afghanistan and Slovakia were celebrating the IDP in a very different context of peace. To illustrate this fact, although probably not needed, Afghanistan was ranked #162 on the Global Peace Index in 2018 and Slovakia #20. Matching these countries for the commemoration of the IDP 2018 does not immediately seems to make sense, or does it?

Not despite, but due to these differences, Mansoor and Lucia were able to have a constructive dialogue on the importance of Peace and the necessary factors that contribute to creating a safe community, as that was their final IDP aim: contributing to a safer community. To reach this aim, Mansoor and Lucia decided to mobilize local artists, students and people from their communities to co-create an artistic expression of the Global Goals. In this light, people had the opportunity to learn about and from each other in an international context, as a live stream between the countries were facilitated.

All in all, it was a great success! Thank you for your efforts.

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