Asian youth summit


The First Edition of the Asian Youth Summit with the headline “Creating impact. Together.” will be a unique event that brings together Asian youth leaders in Kathmandu, Nepal, from 22-24 March 2019. These are the most talented and inspirational changemakers who work for the sustainability and development of their local communities.

The leaders will be joined by invited representatives from businesses, governmental institutions and civil society organizations, with the goal to exchange best practices, learn & develop on personal and professional levels, extend networks and co-create funding opportunities.


We all recognise the global and regional challenges of the modern world. The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals further demonstrate the urgency and the opportunities to work together for a better world that offers equal opportunities and well-being to all.

MasterPeace believes the world inhabits 7 billion talents, not 7 billion issues. The Asian Youth Summit aims to bring together change-makers from various regions to create a strong network and work on innovative concepts and ideas that will impact the daily life of millions. You will grow as a personal leader and become part of a strong network that is based on passion and shared values to make the world a better place. We will “create impact. Together”.

Main themes

  • Innovative and future-proof concepts for creating strong positive impact on the society
  • Personal leadership and capacity-building of organization
  • Creating and fostering inclusive societies with gender equality and high quality education
  • Climate change and the role of the society
  • Promoting the SDGs through engaging the youth in the Asian region

Activities: During the conference

  • Inspiring personal life stories
  • Best practice workshops by external invited guests and MasterPeace Club leaders
  • Creating innovative concepts for social impact
  • Various activities to improve pitching skills, organizational capacity and team dynamics
  • Enjoying Nepalese hospitality and gaining insight to the culture

Activities: Post-conference

  • Fostering the network
  • Coaching for outstanding concepts to realize the projects
  • Communicating the outcomes of the event on a local, regional and global level
  • Presenting the findings and recommendations to the respective country head of Asian Regions

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