Cameroon: Clean and green Bamenda city for a healthy and peaceful environment


The project sought to officially launch the Club of MasterPeace Cameroon and its activities, aimed at enhancing peace and fostering the values of tolerance, understanding and respect among people, especially the youth, in Cameroon and in the world at large.


After showing a documentary showcasing the vision and mission of MasterPeace and activities of other Clubs around the world with Club leaders and invitees, a street cleanup campaign addressing the youth took place. Since the event was held on June 5, the Club took it as an opportunity to join the rest of the world to celebrate the World Environment Day on the occasion of the Club launch. The Club coordinator, who also coordinates the organization Hope for a Better Future (H4BF) and the Environmental Protection and Wildlife Conservation Program, made an intervention on air pollution and its adverse effect both on man and nature, presenting different ways to mitigate it. The documentary session brought together invitees from other youth-led local associations such as ECO237, an environmental advocacy group led by Collins Kaiven, who acted as a talent-mobilizer for MasterPeace Cameroon.

The second phase of the project sought to engage youths in a street cleanup campaign where Club members together with other youth participated in a one-day street cleaning and collection of waste around the Nkwen Market center in Bamenda. During this activity, MasterPeace and other youths initiated various dialogue sessions with inhabitants of the neighborhood including business people, youths, passersby, sensitizing them on the importance of proper waste handling and disposal and on the importance of living together in a serene and peaceful environment. For the occasion, our plastic waste recycling project was launched: about 20 waste collection bags were handed in to some homes and business centers to recycle plastic bottles, which will be collected afterwards for future recycling and reuse purposes.

As a result, 500kg of municipal solid waste have been collected at the Back Rota community, over 50 youths were sensitized on the importance of peace, dialogue and proper waste management as a tool to combat air pollution and promote a peaceful and healthy living. Overall, it has been an incredible experience for all club members, while creating the opportunities for mobilizing more and more MasterPeacers in Bamenda and across Cameroon and strenghtening sustainable networks to foster peace and fight against violence and extremism in the country.

Inspired by MasterPeace Cameroon and their projects and events? You can find more about them on their web page, or follow their activities through social media:

Club leader profile

The leader of MasterPeace Cameroon is Ngo Banfogha Abdulai, founder and executive director of Hope for A better future (H4BF). He is an inspirer, humanitarian and peacebuilder who has a mission, vision, objectives and exceptional values.

Being a full time volunteer, humanitarian and peace builder. I founded H4BF Cooperative, umbrella organisation for MasterPeace Cameroon. I enjoy empowering and supporting youths via vocational training and support program. I believes in building dynamic units with a passionate commitment to delivering value-added and innovative solutions around my environs.

My vision or dreams for MasterPeace Cameroon is to network and engage civil societies, school clubs, government etc to contribute toward peace building in Cameroon and contributing to its economic growth.

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