De-Light-Full Dialogues; Celebrating Intergenerational Exchange

Organized by the Hague Center for Global Governance Innovation and Emerge with support from Anna Lindh foundation along with creative partners MasterPeace, AIESEC, the POP movement and several other world-wide youth leadership partners.

The de-light-full space is a platform where age has no bar to hold a vision for a regenerative, inclusive future and co-create it as peers. It is an opportunity to be part of a circle of multiple generations – A dialogue grounded in principles of intergenerational interaction. Connecting, sharing experiences and challenges and exploring possibilities by using intergenerational opportunities of exchange.

The platform paved the way for participants to connect, share experiences and challenges and explore possibilities by using intergenerational opportunities of exchange with the attentive support and reflections from the keynote listeners.

Some of the themes evoked by this exchange are as follows:

  • Change starts from within – many of us spoke to this aspect as a changemaker.
  • Recognizing that both changes and limitations come from within as well as the importance of rest and self care in this process of growing the self.
  • Stepping back and taking action – while most of us recognise the importance of an action oriented approach, we also acknowledge the need to step back, sense and explore what it means to come together as individuals from different generations.
  • Moving from you and me to us – Co-creation is emerging as a key theme for our times, and in the dialogue we experienced how we can move from you and me (as different generations) to an us space.

This exchange series was the first of its own that aims to Integrate different perspectives and come together towards a shared goal. As well as connecting Intergenerational dialogue with leaders from the EuroMed region to develop meaningful support for the commitments of the youth towards creating a world that works for all, and Build collaborations and actions towards peace day 2022.

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