GIRLS SELF ESTEAM project aims to empower girls and teachers in ESTEAM by boosting skills, confidence, and motivation.
Fosters a diverse workforce. Reduces the gender gap and fuels innovation and economic growth.


The project develops and disseminates educational materials, a virtual museum of successful women in STEM, and organizes camps and festivals, and hands-on activities.

  • 2 Transnational Project Meetings
  • 1 Gilrs Self – ESTEAM Female Role Model Interactive Museum
  • Selection of 70 Successful Woman Role Models in ESTEAM through an open call
  • Girls ESTEAM Curriculum and Training Modules Development in 4 Languages
  • 1 Teachers’ Training Event (6 teachers per partner)
  • 1 Girl Self-ESTEAM Capacity Building Camp in the Netherlands
  • Final Self-ESTEAM festival
Girls Self ESTEAM Final logo
Girls Self-ESTEAM targets several groups:

1) Young girls 13-17 years old will benefit in several ways:
a) explore their interests and build their confidence to pursue careers in ESTEAM fields;
b) enhance skills such as problem-solving, creativity, critical thinking, innovation, developing a strong foundation for their future career;
c) explore career options in ESTEAM as through the Self-ESTEAM Female Role Model Interactive e-Museum, the Capacity Building Camps and Festival they will be exposed to a variety of career options and will be inspired by professionals in the field to make informed decisions about their future career paths.

2) Secondary education teachers, with special focus on women teachers will benefit in several ways:
a) develop new teaching strategies as the project promotes hands-on approaches that are different from traditional classroom teaching;
b) enhance their skills in ESTEAM which they can pass to their students;
c) encourage students’ interest in these fields and create a culture of innovation and creativity in the classroom;
d) foster collaboration among teachers from different fields of education

3) Successful women professionals in ESTEAM sectors will benefit in several ways:
a) network and collaborate with other professionals;
b) act as mentors;
c) personal growth and professional development.
Additionally, women professionals on ESTEAM can act as female role models and ambassadors to promote ESTEAM principles and opportunities to the next generation of women in these fields.


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