MasterPeace received the Netherlands Enterprise Agency ‘Creative Twinning’ Grant to realize change and transformation using culture and youth participation in 4 countries of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia and Morocco in addition to The Netherlands for the next two years. 

ACT!, which is a two-sided coined, stands for ‘ACTION; and ‘Artists Create Together’,  where everyone is an artist. It is a MasterPeace concept that uses art to transform a local community towards an inclusive society

MasterPeace with its unique concept ACT! will initiate direct public and artists participation on art projects with the aim of creating awareness, desire for change, building knowledge and sustainability. In the 4 countries we will involve all relevant stakeholders; youngsters, role models, local government and business.

Our concept has 4 artistic building blocks of music, street art visualization, storytelling and summits with an inclusive approach of involving marginalized groups as an active part of the project.

” We are making a long-awaited momentum happen! ACT! is moving from its laboratory phase to a full-blown project spilling from those five countries to the rest of the world, where values of local ownership, co-creation, and transformation are placed right and centre “

  • The Four Building Blocks
  • 32 Walls of Connection
  • Collaborating with local artists to create murals
  • 800 Stories
  • Publish personal stories via vlogs, blogs and photography
  • 30 Summits & events
  • Share best practices, evaluate and grow impact
  • countries Music Concerts- One ‘Global Anthem’ ft. Van Velsen and local 
  • with hundreds of up-coming indie artists.
  • Twinning Between Countries

With the financial support of the Dutch Ministry of foreign affairs via the grant “Creative Twinning”, MasterPeace in the Netherlands will inspire and empower MasterPeace clubs in the 4 countries of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia and Morocco.

In participating countries, MasterPeace’s ACT! in connection with Creative Twinning, will help enhancing the development of cultural activities in countries bordering the EU, representing a great chance for ‘twinning’ Dutch social and cultural players with their counterparts in these countries creating large-scale collaborative art projects with social impact that can be copied as a best-practice to more countries globally.

Local Approach

Together we have developed ACT! as a project to achieve a more inclusive society with more cultural diversity through an integral multi-disciplinary approach. With this project, we commit to promoting social inclusion in a balanced way: in all participating countries, special attention will be paid to the youngsters who are at risk of social exclusion.

ACT! Is based on local needs identified by our teams and their networks. The 4 best practice formats are inter-related; the local team and partners have chosen themes that will be expressed by youngsters that feel encouraged by the call and message.

ACT! To The Next Level

Our mission and ambition is that these types of projects will lead to a true transformation through using role models and local cultural partners use visualization (walls of connection), storytelling en music as “the instruments” to show and start dialogues in the community on how to fuel social innovation and strengthen the eco system.

The summits are the crystalizing moments to share best practice and decide on the best next steps. Business and government will have a key role in organizing and enhancing the social innovation especially to support the perspective of the youngsters in being equal in access to opportunities (jobs,roles in society)

Measure Impact

With regards to the impact, ACT! Together with University of Utrecht, we developed ‘Transformation Model’ to learn how we can measure the impact of our cultural interventions on a local community. Via surveys with  different stakeholders across the countries, we will monitor and improve our plan of action, as the model starts with creating awareness through music art as a mobilizer to drive a desire for change that leads to exchange of knowledge and behavioral change through creating new perspectives and networks.

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