Fifth great minds meeting in The Netherlands

MasterPeace Global Great Minds Meeting

Join the dialogue about diversity and inclusivity, Together we can create a sustainable future with less conflict.

On the 3rd of September, MasterPeace organized the 5th MasterPeace Great Minds Meeting. With over 200 participants, we discussed the urgency of the global and local dilemmas such as the number of 68 million refugees worldwide, the gap between the “haves” and “have-nots” (2.5 billion people live on less than 2.50$), the global yearly expenditure on weapons (1.700.000.000.000$) and the impact of the climate change on various levels. These problems have put extreme pressure on the social cohesion in all societies on all continents.

However, despite their complexity, even small solutions from you and I can start making a difference. With our positive talents and influence, we can outnumber the negative: It’s crucial to celebrate diversity, and work day and night, step by step towards a more inclusive society.

During the Great Minds Meeting, we learned from and laughed with the storytellers and storylisteners, as we were all actively participating to create productive dialogues. Some examples of the topics were Quality Education, the Soft Power of Theatre, Soccer and Dialogue, Leadership and Diversity, and Sustainable Cities.

Serious topics were discussed with laughs and tears. It was a colourful and unique moment to connect brilliant minds and deeds. Some examples of the topics were Quality Education in Amsterdam, Silicon Valley and Nepal; the Soft Power of Theatre, Soccer as way to connect in a post conflict situation in Burundi and how to use Deep Dialogue as the way to create common grounds; Leadership and Diversity, and rethinking Cities as the urbanization creates complex social and environmental dilemma’s.

As MasterPeace, we voice the civil society and believe in the co-creation with businesses. For this reason, we also covered the important opportunities and challenges of social enterprises and the inclusiveness aspects of modern business models.

Thank you!

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