Human Rights and Democracy in Europe

We invite youth workers and teachers to use our ACT for Liberty Platform ( ) as a cool way to engage youngsters and stimulate awareness of human rights issues. To understand yourself and the other, what do I think of key human rights issues?

You can play 13 games on pressing themes: all or one by one on:

A brief overview:

  • Teachers and/ Youth workers can check our simple-to-use handbook:
  • Teacher and/or Youth worker can start hosting a group discussion on human rights
  • Using an online game as a starter; the game can be played in a single or multiplayer version
  • While playing the game, use the answers of students as a starting point for dialogue, understanding there is no right or wrong
  • During the dialogue students grow their insights and are asked to create a poster as a call to action; this can be published in the ACT for Liberty Gallery
  • We invited so-called “freedom fighters” ; share with us your video and become one!

Enjoy and ACT for your Liberty

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