Imnainla Jamir, Ready to Embark on a Global Journey with MasterPeace COOLeaders

MasterPeace is delighted to welcome Imnainla Jamir as the Global Ambassador of Masterpeace COOLeaders program. She is an Electric Guitarist who has become a household name in India. The launch ceremony took place at Dimapur, Nagaland, India on December 27 in the presence of Mr. Abu Metha – Advisor to the Chief Minister of Nagaland. Imnainla will be carrying the message of COOLeaders throughout the world through her music and interactions with global youths.

The urgency has never been higher to ACT to solve issues  – in environment, food, culture, language, relationships, etc.  It is hence important for the youth to be mindful about their health, culture, career and the ecology, for the future of this planet and their lives. The MasterPeace COOLeaders is a global initiative for climate action & leadership. In collaboration with our global network of clubs and partners we are reaching out to the grassroots, particularly to the youth and children to build leadership and projects for climate action. In the process we are connecting people worldwide to come together and solve this urgent problem facing the planet.

We hope that together with the support of future cultural leaders like Imnainla, we can make a small but significant impact towards this goal. Imnainla will take forward the voice of India and Nagaland to the world. Masterpeace Global has been working closely with Task Force for Music and Arts (TAFMA) for the past few years and through TAFMA we reached out to Imnainla to request her to contribute her great talent and outreach towards the purposes of climate action and social change. Together with her, we will explore through music, arts, dialogue, sports and others to spread the message of taking responsibility for the future of this planet and our societies to youth around India & the world.

“It is an honor to be considered by MasterPeace COOLeaders to be its Global Ambassador.

I am excited for what lies ahead, especially my interactions with fellow musicians and young COOLeaders across 60+ countries of MasterPeace Networks.”

– Imnainla Jamir


“I am happy to invite guitarist Ms.Imnainla Jamir to be MasterPeace COOLeaders Global Ambassador.” We hope that this partnership will present her an excellent opportunity to reach out to a global audience and have a chance of working closely with our team to develop new artistic concepts and projects. MasterPeace looks forward to this amazing Co-creation.”

– Aart Bos, Global Leadership, MasterPeace

Sudipta Dawn, who is a part of  MasterPeace COOLeaders Project and  a Club Leader of MasterPeace Bengal, highlighted the importance of the initiative and how Imnainla can bring it to regional and global level through her talent, music and inspiration He emphasizes that “Through the COOLeaders program we are trying to build leadership at grass roots level, particularly in the youth, for climate action and social transformation. Along with our clubs and partners throughout the world we are reaching out to more and more people and motivating them to take some practical actions which can make a major difference for the planet. We are also working closely with our clubs to co-create projects and trying to raise resources to implement these projects.

The event has been given significant space in news and media coverage which highlights the popularity of Imnainla and her amazing job in the region through music and art. 

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