Kenya: The Great Minds Challenge

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The Great Minds Challenge – Nairobi took place between the 19th and 21st of October 2018, and brought together over 30 participants, coaches and partners from Kenya, Turkey, Congo, Netherlands, United States and the Philippines. The event was true to the words of Lupita Nyongó, the first Kenyan actress to win an Oscar: “All dreams are valid, no matter where you come from.”

The three days filled with inspiration, challenges and cutting-edge information sharing marked the end of the first month of the Great Minds Challenge. Five highly talented social impact entrepreneurs and 13 participants from Nairobi-based companies had received extensive coaching for a month, and now convened with the aim of transforming their challenges into tangible impact plans. First month coaching entailed guidance on CREPES Tool, a customized Business Model Canvas and Clarity4D Profiling Tool.

The reward of tears, sweat and hard work paid off handsomely during the networking dinner on the second day, where the participants had a rare opportunity to network with reputable market leaders who are drivers of the economy in Kenya and around the region.

Powerful topics to enhance highly efficient processes and performances in organizations and businesses were delivered by various experts. For example, Amnon Zamir from Israel with an experience of over 30 years in his field, offered a Masterclass on Design and Systems Thinking, and Mr. Emeka Okwonko, gave a workshop on the backbone tool for GMC: The CREPES (Consistence, Responsiveness, Efficiency, Profit, Effectiveness and Sustainability).

Outstanding social impact projects from young new generation leaders were presented as well, such as the one from Carol Nduta who is creating the Blood Bank Data Base, first of its kind to respond to crises and emergencies in Africa where data and technology is unavailable to enable immediate response to emergencies. The leaders presented their projects on Sunday to a panel of experienced coaches and representatives from the Board of Inspiration and United States International University.

The highlight ushered in the last phase of the challenge, which involves further coaching as well as the implementation of the impact plans. The participants have been empowered to not only think through and implement their impact plans with the main tenets of being innovative, sustainable and future-proof but they have also gained a clear focus on personal development with the guidance of the Clarity4D tool and leading coach Mrs. Susan Wamae, the Director of Allied Resource Partners.

The objective of the Great Minds Challenge Nairobi is to continue acting as the epicenter of innovation, sustainability and a platform to nurture a New Generation of Leaders, who will work with businesses and societies to create an eco-balance of planet, people and profitability.

Partnering companies: Bowmans Law Firm, Incentro Africa, Dow, Scopic Africa, Soulco Kenya, Royal flora Holland, KLM

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