Kiev: Kicks off cultural events

Along with the Centre for Social & Cultural Innovations, MasterPeace Club of Kiev, Kiev Regional Office of International Guild of Writers (Germany), Georgian Rustaveli Society and V.Drobot Poetry Studio “Voshod” (National Writer’s Union of Ukraine). The Project “MasterPeace Brings Together Great Minds and Talents” was launched on 14 September 2017 in The National Jaroslav Mudry Library of Ukraine (The National Parliamentary Library). A number of training courses, conferences, seminars, lectures, cultural shows and workshops are planned to be conducted within this Project.

On September 21 the grand opening of the International Literary Project «Peace for Mankind» took place in the Great Hall of National Writer’s Union of Ukraine (Kiev). It shall unite playwrights, literary authors and translators of Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia and Germany. The motto of this Project is “Peace and Creation”. Applications were accepted from participants, regardless of their nationality, residency and citizenship. Language of contest: English, German, Ukrainian, Russian, Belarusian, Georgian.

Many talented writers, poets, musicians, theatre workers and playwrights attended the ceremony and addressed the gathering. The Project focused on contemporary culture and the current changes taking place in the World and comprised theatre, music, dance and cinema events, among others. The keynote speakers – the Leader of MasterPeace Club of Kiev (the Head of the Centre for Social & Cultural Innovations) Olena Zinchenko; Vasyl Folvarochnyy – a famous writer, politician and public figure; the winner of the Sydor Vorobkevych and Dmytro Zagula Awards (Ukraine), Voskobiinykiv Prize winner (USA); Vasyl Navolov – Ph.D. in arts, Honoured Art Worker of Ukraine, a theatricologist, playwright, critic, expert. The director at Theater Workshop of National Writer’s Union of Ukraine; Valerii Gerasymchuk – a famous poet, playwright, Honoured Art Worker of Ukraine, Deputy chairman of National Writer’s Union of Ukraine; Julia Gasylina – the artistic director of the Kiev Theater “Mist”, theatricologist, actress; Olga Samolevska – the greatest Ukrainian filmmaker, poet, Prix “Kiev” from Goverment of city of Kiev and the Union of cinematographers of Ukraine (Kiev, 2004), International Award of Arseny and Andrey Tarkovsky (2008); Vasyl Drobot – the members of the MasterPeace Club of Kiev, distinguished Ukrainian poet, Ushakov Award Winner, Gryboedov Prize winner. Other speakers – the members of the MasterPeace Club of Kiev: Yulia Sheychenko, Natalia Savina, Serhiy Bedusenko, Oleksandr Riznyk, Evgueni Orel, Ievgenia Zenyuk, Tamara Alyokhina.

The benefit

MasterPeace brings together great minds and talents from around the world and provides an exciting and professional environment where they are encouraged to express and challenge themselves. In this way, the event was covering the whole national territory to spread cultural activities in response to the needs and particular situations of each geographical area, with attention paid to social circumstances. These projects focused on the Mission of contemporary theatre and literature: to develop, produce, and present socially conscious, thought-provoking work that fully engages our community in active dialogue. What is contemporary Theater? The Theatre is a living organism, developing together with the whole of society and in constant search of new creative ideas. At the present stage of development in society, it promotes the formation of new aesthetic priorities in the arts. Perhaps we could look at the theatre in at least four ways: as entertainment / art, as instrument of education, as weapon of social / political change, as document of history -the plays and the theatrical events of various periods can be seen as historical documents reflecting that period. It is this philosophy, and its own deep sense of social responsibility, that inspire the actions of our club. It is this philosophy, and its own deep sense of social responsibility, that inspire the actions of the Theaters – participants of our Contest.

Action steps

The consensual message that come out of the event:  “Our Contest has been established with a view to facilitating the creation, promotion and spread of modern theatrical arts. Theatre productions aim to foster community cohesion by bringing different faiths, generations, social and ethnic groups, and peoples throughout the world together through theatre. Dialogue above judgment, theater above fighting, creation above destruction! Theater can improve the quality of people’s lives, theater can heal. Theatre cultivates tolerance, understanding and mutual respect to the different cultural heritages in Ukraine and presents an ideal of national co-existence, based on equality and mutual respect.”

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