MasterPeace around the world: Albania

Today MasterPeace Around the World brings us to Albania! Here, MasterPeace is hosted by Armela Pengili, the founder and Executive Director of Center ACT for SOCIETY. Since 2010 this Non-Governmental Organization has been working on advocating for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), with a clear focus on Human Rights (SDG10) Gender Equality (SDG 4), extremism and radicalism (SDG 10), and Democracy (SDG 16). In 2013 she decided to partner-up with our international network to share and learn from experiences from all around the globe.

‘’It is inspiring to be in touch with Changemakers from all over the world. Although our cultures and political situations differ substantially, we all face comparable societal problems. By being part of MasterPeace I learn from the Best Practices of other clubs which are often the basis for our own projects.’’ – Armela Peci Pengili

Although Armela gives her heart and soul to all the programs that ACT for SOCIETY organizes, she specialized herself in topics that are related to Human Rights. Armela believes that by involving youth in the dialogue, the institutionalisation of human rights in Albania can be strengthened as it will result in more awareness among the future leaders and citizens of Albania, finally leading to a stronger institutionalisation of social inclusion.

Currently, MasterPeace Albania is working on social inclusion related topics via two projects:

1) Elimination of Violence Against Women (3-years project): according to the Global Database of Violence Against Women of UN Women, 25% of the Albanian women between 18-55 years old experience physical and/or sexual violence at least once in their lifetime. MasterPeace Albania aims on reducing those numbers via their project ‘’Elimination of Violence Against Women.’’ With over 1000 participants so far, MasterPeace Albania is extremely excited about the success of this project and aims on reaching at least 10,000 more!

2) Living with Gender Equality (6-months project): by using the power of creativity and art, MasterPeace Albania wants to give youth the possibility to express their feelings towards gender equality in a creative manner. Albanian youth is challenged to creatively depict their ideas on the current situation of gender equality.

However, these projects depict only a small portion of the work done by MasterPeace Albania! If you want to know more about their projects, please visit their website or Facebook. Their work is inspiring and we are proud to have Armela Peci Pengili and her Non-Governmental Organization Center ACT for SOCIETY as a member of our MasterPeace family!

Meet Armela Peci Pengili, our club leader of MasterPeace Albania! During her masters in Sociology Armela started the Non-Governmental Organisation Act for Society. With her work Armela focuses on enhancing healthy lifestyles and stimulating sustainable development of the Albanian society by promoting culture, advocating for democracy and human right issues, connecting youth, and activating active citizenship.

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