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With #MasterPeace_Around_The_World we focus on the people behind our 45+ MasterPeace clubs. We are built on their ideas, hard work, and creativity and would like to share their stories with you.

In the former capital of Myanmar (Yangon), a young pilot named Hunny Win Maung started a MasterPeace Myanmar Club. After joining multiple organisations as Student Christian Movement (SCMs), Religion For Peace (RFP), University Computer Christian fellowship (UCSY), Youth ambassador in American Embassy and leading peers as a student leader, Hunny wanted to initiate peace efforts herself. A task that’s not easy to challenge – as Myanmar knows a violent history and present.

However, this did not stop her from trying. Via non-political campaigns, and with the help of music and dance, she aims to involve youngsters and minorities in the community and raise their awareness about both local and global issues. Hunny believes that such efforts can contribute to the peace process, as art and creativity open a window for dialogue. Often, people are suspicious of Hunny and her work as she likes to organize events in public spaces, something that’s extremely uncommon in the country due to strict rules and long waiting lists for permission.

”My aim is to offer joy to a society that has to deal with war and sadness on a daily basis.”
Her braveness and hard work is starting to pay off. Not only has the number of participants for her projects increased over the past couple of years, but people have also joined her on a more regular basis. Next to that, her work has been noticed by organizations as Youth Circles and many other peace organizations who have asked Hunny to help them to monitor the peace efforts within the region.

As an example of her work, Hunny and MasterPeace Myanmar recently raised funds to support a girl student who could not afford to continue high school because of her poor background. The organisation paid her school and tuition fees every month until she finished high school. The group also ran vocational training courses within their team to empower themselves and share knowledge to their communities. The training involved making organic shampoo, handmade organic soap and other recycled/handmade products, and the message was “Let’s live a chemical-free lifestyle and love the nature”. Finally, the biggest celebration of the year for MasterPeace Myanmar is always the International Day of Peace, when the organisation and its volunteers perform a program on peace activities and raise awareness to peace messages by dancing, singing peace songs and painting together.

We are so proud to have Hunny in our team! Thank you for all your efforts and good luck to your future endeavours.


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