MasterPeace Ethiopia celebrates the International Women’s Day !

Gender Equality issues are one of the SDG pillars, and one of MasterPeace Ethiopia concerns!

In the week of the 8 march, they celebrated the International Women’s Day in Ethiopia, by organizing a virtual dialogue and experience exchange event using the Telegram platform.

The targeted group was 35 participants between (18-35 age) and the objective of the activity was to empower women (youth) through Music, poem and Dialogue, and for sure To celebrate International Women’s Day !

L4G has a Youth Dialogue and Experience Exchange program that is held weekly on Sunday. Therefore, they collaborated and organized that event to celebrate March 8 and to empower women. Within a Dialogue and Experience Exchange Session, addressing questions like "What is the impact of celebrating March 8? Is it helpful to empower our women or not? What are the realities here in Ethiopia besides celebrating Women’s Day every year on March 8?

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