Tunisia is recognized globally for its skills in dialogue!

Winning the 2015 Nobel Peace Prize for its Tunisian national dialogue quartet, definitely Tunisia is the place to be when it comes to discussions, debates and putting dialogue above judgement.

Late last year, a disparate coalition of Tunisian unionists, employers, lawyers and human rights activists has won the 2015 Nobel peace prize for helping to prevent the Jasmine revolution from descending into chaos like the uprisings in neighbouring Arab spring countries.

The Tunisian national dialogue quartet was given the award by the Norwegian Nobel committee, beating an array of high-powered nominees including Angela Merkel, the pope, the US secretary of state, John Kerry, and his Iranian counterpart, Mohammad Javad Zarif.

This year, following this lead, the MasterPeace club of Tunis has begun a series of trainings to give people the skills to take part in life as a Nelson. The ‘Nelson Talks’ series will create a space where youth can discover their potential and develop through training sessions which make them able to exchange information and capacities in the group.

The club leader Baraa Zidi described her enthusiasm about the project, “The idea of Nelson talk , it’s a cafe talk,we invite people to discuss a topic and we bring a moderator to facilitate that ( purposefully un expert ).

Addressing the goal of the project, Zidi explained that the targets are students of high school and college. “It was a great as a first experience and it will be a series of topic each 15 days, we started with Pamama Papers and will continue. I believe debating , discussing are the main pillars of Peaceful society and they can improve the conscious maturation”.

The series takes place in a café over some coffee and consists of 15 trainings over a period of 6 months, covering a variety of topics such as leadership, debating, communication and, conflict resolution.  Participants can attend the trainings for free and professionals facilitate on a volunteer basis. The environment is friendly and informal and participants enjoy engaging in dialogue with each other. MasterPeace  Tunis has already completed the first two trainings of the series which include a debate initiation training and a debate about the Panama Papers, an international hot topic.

The ‘Nelson Talks’ series is one of the ways MasterPeace Tunis works to empower the Skills of the Youth and the Marginalized communities in order to help them to overtake the coming challenges to fight against violence and terrorism, Democracy building ,and Leaders promotion.

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