Mexico: How can peace rebuild after earthquake


What happened

Organized a PeaceTalk with guests from the organization RAIIS to talk about peace building in the public space. However because of the earthquake, it got changed to a PeaceTalk about reconstrucción after the earthquake through art.

Our member from the MasterPeace Mexico Laura Figueroa was invited to share her experience of working 6 months with the victims of the earthquake in Ecuador through art and Laura Monges, who is sub-director of the Mexican organization Taller mexicano de Arteterapia who has a lot of experience in working with post traumatic stress after natural disasters through art.

The benefit

The dialogue allowed people to learn about recovering from the stress than can happen from earthquakes and natural disasters through art and self expression. Throughout tackling SDG 3 and 11, It added awareness to everyone on the dangers of natural disasters, and how they do not only affect the climate and nature, but also our own health. The fact that the earthquake happened right before the event and how it was actually close to everyone, made it a very good and relatable timing for everyone to discuss what can they do for themselves and for the community to learn how to cope with natural disasters. If any natural disasters are to happen again, there are more tools on how to reconstruct sustainably through art and recover.  The event stressed upon how art is one of the most integral elements to achieve health and peace.

 Action steps/Statement Paper:

The participants were inspired by the effect of Art on people’s mental health. Since they wanted to actually take further steps after the talk, some of them started working with Taller mexicano de Arteterapia – which is an Art Therapy association.

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