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Nigeria has a fast-expanding economy and is at times plagued by political violence. Developments like these have led to negative coping mechanisms within vulnerable households. And these negative coping mechanisms often lead to criminality, violence, forced labor and sexual exploitation, higher school drop-out rates, and child abuse. MasterPeace Nigeria (under Egunec Education Support Foundation, EESF) is a Non-Governmental Organization advocating for better education and empowerment opportunities for the most vulnerable children and youth in Nigeria. They strive to provide sustainable education and empowerment programs for thousand vulnerable communities in Africa by the year of 2037.

The EESF has developed a Skills Acquisition and Training (SAT) program: a program aimed to increase self-reliance among youths and to ensure that they make better choices in life. For the EESF team, youth empowerment is a passion and an ongoing business. They do not only ensure that their programs are student-centered and child-friendly but also gender-sensitive. They ensure that the ratios of female to male teachers are balanced. And although they enroll both male and female students, priority is given to the more vulnerable girls and women.

The Skills Acquisition and Training (SAT) program consists of the following courses:

  • Printing course to equip participants with the fundamentals of establishing and running a small-scale printing business.
  • Information, communication and technology (ICT) course to empower participants with the ICT skills they need to start up a company or work in an already established one.
  • Electrical installation course to equip participants with basic knowledge on electrical works.
  • Hair styling and beauty course to equip participants with the basic knowledge to set up their own hair and beauty salon.
  • Tailoring course to equip participants with basic knowledge to run their own tailoring business.
  • Cosmetics course where participants will learn everything, they need to know to run their own cosmetics salon.
  • Baking course to equip students with the knowledge they need to be a professional baker.

Club leader profile

Ebere Ujam-Ojadua is the leader of MasterPeace Nigeria as well as the Founder and Executive Director of the vibrant NGO, Egunec Education Support Foundation (EESF), a Foundation with a core focus is on Peace and Education. 

She is a self-motivated writer and entrepreneur who enjoys the challenges of creativity. Increasing an individual’s capacity and potential has always been of interest to her, sparking her research to deepen her understanding and knowledge in this area. In doing so, she has participated in capability trainings in the United Kingdom, focusing on Customer Service, increasing Job Interview skills and writing an excellent Resume.

Ebere is currently the CEO of 618Consulting, providing training for fresh graduates and equipping job seekers with the right skills for interviews and structuring CVs for their desired jobs. She is alto the author of “Get your dream job”, a book aimed at providing solutions to the challenges job-seekers face during interviews. Also an Event Coordinator, Ebere holds a BA. In Economics from the University of East London and an MSc. in International Money Finance & Investment from Brunel University, both in the United Kingdom.

Eager to learn more about this foundation and the rest of the team? Reach out via the website or Facebook!

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