In the first quarter of 2021 over 500 youngsters took part in the awareness campaign for peacebuilding in Burundi.
The campaign focused on “The Role of Young Leaders in Peacebuilding”, the program is supported by SGL (the Netherlands).

Two youth organizations, Youth for Peace and Development (YPD) Haguruka and the MasterPeace club Burundi are responsible for this program. Based on the experiences of the Sports for Peace tournaments by MasterPeace Burundi, the campaign was developed in co-creation to train youngsters in leadership roles and make them aware of the responsibility they have to sustain peace in Burundi.
The situation in Burundi is tense due to various political and social violences. Youth from different backgrounds are at risk to turn towards each other. To inspire them to reach out to the other person and take a role in peacebuilding, this program aims to mobilize and inspire people by creating sports events and organizing dialogue as sports play an important role to mobilize the youth and train them in team building and conflict resolution.

Activities the youngsters took:
– football matches
– dialogue between people to
– discuss social issues.
– create perspectives like
– peacebuilding activities.
– creating Covid-19 awareness.

The program has the support of Alain Majeste Barenga, consultant on peace building and leadership in Burundi. He was present at several activities.
The program took place in 3 provinces of Burundi for 3 months (January, February and March 2021).
Apart from the 500 directly involved youth, over 1100 people took part in the dialogues and peacebuilding activities.
The events were broadcasted on several national radio stations.

For more information and pictures, please visit the facebook page

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