PeaceDay2020 - Youth Assembly

Aart Bos

Aart Bos

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The United Nations is marking its 75th anniversary at a time of great challenge, including the worst global health crisis in its history. For the first time people all over the world are having the same concerns. Will the global crisis bring the world closer together? Or will it lead to greater divides and mistrust?  And how do we rebuild the world beyond the pandemic?  


Young leaders from  100 cities across the planet are now stepping up to the challenge. During the Peace weekend, September 19-20, they will come together online, and onsite to take counsel on how we can turn the crisis of the pandemic into an opportunity for global renewal. 


The epicenter of the project is Youth Island, a former sea fortress outside Copenhagen, which has been taken over by the Danish Scouts, and transformed into a unique gathering place for young people from all over the world.


On UN’s International Day of Peace September 21, a delegation from the Global Youth Assembly will sail from Youth Island  to the UN-City in Copenhagen to hand over the conclusions from the Assembly to the world leaders. 8 delegates from the Youth Assembly will join Humanity Rising’s Day 99 session, to share the conclusions from the Youth Assembly and talk about the next steps. 

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