Reflection: COVID19 and Creating Perspective

Siddhant Kumar

Siddhant Kumar

Creative Resource Mobilizer for MasterPeace Clubs in Asia

This is a personal reflection on the challenges faced by migratory workers in India and the opportunity lying under this for the state actors / civil society.

It is time to make a lemonade!

Human brain works on the doctrine of “Garbage in, garbage out”. So enough are the debates, rumours and street talks! Now it is precisely needed to pick up some learning lessons from this COVID-19 pandemic. Let us ensure that this obscurantism brings a renaissance into our lives. 

Every dark cloud has its own silver lining. Similarly, this disaster has also offered us an opportunity to address the long-standing challenges i.e. ‘Migration’, ‘Regional imbalance’ and ‘Unplanned urbanization’.

The pre-existing push and pull factors are now interchanged which were once responsible for the above-said cause. It’s very unprecedented in the sense that never in history, these migratory workers had returned to their own places at a same time across the country in loads. This phenomena itself has provided ample room for the state actors which if gets addressed effectively would definitely initiate some domino effect in the country. So how this lemon can be squeezed to make a lemonade?

Well, since these people are now efficiently skilled and trained, so respective states governments can create infrastructural facilities to directly employ their own talents based on their expertise. They don’t have to spend their resources on training and skill development modules now. As a rippling effect, this will also reduce the burden and stress on our urban agglomerations which have reached its threshold as the ‘mother earth’ has already been exploited enough.
In parallel, it can also put an end to the usual “sons of the soil” talk shows and atrocities being faced by these newly emerged urban nomads. This is the time to ask ourselves in which way we want to re-emerge as a just and humane society or go back to the pre existing order.

In the post COVID era, one can envisage the transformation of capitalism to socialism, focus of governance shifting from global to national and local level and true realization of power of the communities. Although we have saved lives, our efforts will bear fruit if the livelihoods can be saved as well!

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