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On the 6th of May this year was the day when the event ‘Together For Skellefteå’ took place – the important day when refugees and residents of the city of Skellefteå in Sweden with 72,000 inhabitants had the chance to stand up against racism and discrimination and praise diversity. In a colourful, fun and peaceful way, we show everyone that our part of the world is a place for everyone. The day included music, dance, speeches and different games for children with free bus tickets were provided to the immigrants so they could come to the event for free.

Besides having a rainy day were able to engage around 300+ people from different cultural backgrounds to walk together in order to show the world that Sweden stand against racism and discrimination. The results were very positive and we got media coverage by the Skellefteå TV and Norran Online newspaper which is one of the famous newspapers in Northern SwedeTogether for Skellefteå is an initiative that favors diversity and differences without violence. What we want is to put color on society. This year the theme was focused on integration of refugees as part of society standing together next to other residence. It is an ongoing tradition, which on 6th of May where people gather together to create hope and strengthen the community fellow community members.

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