Raghda El Halawany: A Decade Of Learning

To tell the story of MasterPeace you need to listen to the experiences and observations of the person who has been with the organization since the very start. From the early days of making connections and bringing artists together, to the present day regional and international partnerships – Raghda has not only observed, she has been instrumental in making MasterPeace the network and creative community that it is today.

Today on the podcast we look at how Raghda’s journey as a journalist and activist began, and some of the twists and turns that led her to MasterPeace. From there the evolution of the global movement, lessons learned and interesting possibilities for the future. Listen and enjoy.

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Being There

Ngo Banfogha doesn’t like the term partners when talking about MasterPeace. He prefers the term friends. As the leader of MasterPeace Cameroon, working closely with friends within our community, Ngo ushered in campaigns and projects in his country that give hope and possibilities for the present and future.
Today on the podcast we will hear from both Ngo and Creative Resource Mobilizer Maryam Hayyan on the subject of taking a club to that next level; increasing the capacity and impact of an organization. Tune in to hear all about it.

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