The Netherlands: A workshop on storytelling

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Storytelling is a core-practice of MasterPeace, therefore we are really happy whenever we can excite young teenagers about this important practice! On the 21st of March we visited the Dalton College, a high school located in Alkmaar. They had organised an exchange with German students and this exchange was organised in the spirit of the Four Freedoms. The Four Freedoms is a theme which is inspired by a concept that was first pronounced by US President Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1941. The Four Freedoms refer to the idea that everyone has the right to be free in their expressions, to be free in practicing their own religion, to live a healthy life and to live without fear. And in spirit of these freedoms, MasterPeace has given a workshop storytelling.

The workshop started by informing the teenagers about the way MasterPeace is mobilizing talents around the world to build peace. And how important it is to use your personal talents to create a positive impact on the (worldwide) community. Many teenagers leaned forward and asked questions: the personal stories from the MasterPeace community made a big impression. After some talks about their impressions, the students formed small groups and made short movies about their own personal story. These filmed personal stories will be used as a time machine for the future generations: their stories will be locked in a digital safe which will be opened in fifty years from now. We want to thank the Dalton College for their invitation! It was cool to not only inspire the teenagers of today, but also those who will open the digital safe in fifty years from now.

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