Tunisia: Peace conference


50 participants

What happened

The event was trying to create a different studying environment for the youth and select some important topics to discuss as well. Both the young participants and the coffee owners started to participate in the activity. The 3 selected topics were good health and well being, climate action with its impact on human life, and the role of youth in reducing the climate change impact. The participants discussed the partnership for the goals- the importance of partnership between civil societies in in order to achieve the goals and development within the society.

The benefit:  

There was a great reaction from the audience, especially for the coffee shop owners who did not know anything about the Sustainable Development Goals.

All the  present thanked our group and encouraged us to Organize more challenges.

Action steps/Statement Paper:

The event created awareness among the youth and the participants, and it allowed them to think and come up with ideas. The main recommendation is for civil societies to partner up and collaborate more to achieve the SDGs.

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