Tunisia: Peace Volunteers

The youth are volunteering for peace in Monastir, Tunisia!

Monastir is a city in Tunisia that is well-known for its beautiful beaches, clean air and hospitable people. It is also the home-base for a very active MasterPeace club, led by Mister Bechir Selmi. This inspiring man has been actively working with young people of Tunisia since 1983, using culture and sports to raise awareness about societal issues, advocating education and propagating civil engagement among the youth. Read more about his work here.

This time however, we would like to shine the spotlight on the young volunteers that surround him on a day-to-day basis. These students spend most of their free time at MasterPeace, preparing, organising and carrying out local, national and international events. They do everything from raising funds to dancing on the streets with children. We are most impressed and proud to see how they keep on mobilizing their peers and work towards a more peaceful Tunisia for everyone.

Here is the video of the Walk of Peace, a huge event that the team organized in April, 2018:

He are the inspiring young volunteers:

Name: Eya
Age: 17
Studies: Second year of high-school, section of IT
Dream: I dream of becoming an IT engineer and work in a large company such as Microsoft
Role at MasterPeace: Photographer
Why MasterPeace? I belong to this group because I want to spread peace to the whole world and bring everyone together

Name: Aymen
Age: 20
Studies: First year of university, faculty of international transport and logistics
Dream: I want to become the director of a company that specializes in international trade
Role at MasterPeace: Media and communications
Why MasterPeace? The goal of our MasterPeace Club is to spread peace to the whole world. That is why I am here

Name: Mootez
Age: 21
Studies: Industrial Maintenance
Dream: I dream of becoming an engineer of industrial maintenance. And a magician
Role at MasterPeace: Team member, event organiser
Why MasterPeace? I want to expand the culture of peace to the world

Name: Saif
Age: 19
Study: I am already working
Dream: I dream of spreading the message of peace around the world
Role at MasterPeace: Active member and event organiser
Why MasterPeace? I am in this group so that I can bring the whole world together

Name: Sarra
Age: 18
Studies: Third year of high-school, section of science
Dream: I have always dreamt of becoming a part of the army so that I could protect my country Tunisia
Role at MasterPeace: Active member
Why MasterPeace? I am a member to participate in the development of my country and to work for the poor, the people who really need help. And for creating peace for all the world and for Tunisia

Name: Oussama
Age: 19
Studies: First year at the First University of Sports and Physical Education in Tunis
Dream: My wish is to become a state official to improve Tunisian youth through projects on various topics, such as civil engagement, environment and citizens’ rights
Role at MasterPeace: Member of the main office, Head of External Relations
Why MasterPeace? To spread the message of peace through the encounters during different projects

Name: Chakwi
Age: 20
Studies: Student at the Higher Institute of Fine Arts of Sousse
Dream: Spreading peace in the world
Role at MasterPeace: General Secretary
Why MasterPeace? I want to help improve social life in my city

Name: Rania
Age: 20
Studies: Student at the high-school of Fatouma Bourguiba in Monastir
Dream: Spread the message of peace everywhere
Role at MasterPeace: Treasurer
Why MasterPeace? I think that peace is a basic human need and crucial for the development of the society.

In October 2019, this team is organizing the 8th MasterPeace Global Bootcamp!

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