Ukraine: SDGs Awareness session

Featured Image MasterPeace Ukraine SDGs Awareness Session

MasterPeace Kiev kicked-off 2018 by presenting their new project ‘’best practices in promoting the Information Society’’. Together with the Centre for Social and Cultural Innovation (CSCI) they gathered national authors and publishers on the 17th of February to discuss the importance of strengthening the Information Society in Ukraine. It has been stated by the United Nations that activities that focus on enhancing awareness and knowledge on the Information Society can aid in promoting all Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s).

These efforts perfectly fit the long-term strategy of MasterPeace Kiev, as they have a sharp focus on increasing the level of education and spreading of information in Ukraine.  The club sees education as the best vehicle for bringing about economic transformations, achieving greater cultural involvement and building worldwide peace. By bringing together important cultural actors as members of the National Writer’s Union of Ukraine, the International Guild of Writers and Congress of Literary of Ukraine, and the National Administrators of Public Libraries, they hope to spark cooperation for spreading the Information Society in Kiev.

Already in 2003, the United Nations acknowledged the importance of technology for achieving sustainable development by founding the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS). In 2003 (Geneva) and in 2005 (Tunis) officials of 174 countries came together to formulate how the strengthening of spreading information and communication within and between nations could increase sustainable development. In 2015 these outcomes were connected to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s), showing that a stronger development of these points could aid in achieving all the formulated SDG’s.


We wish MasterPeace Kiev the best of luck with their projects!

Featured Image MasterPeace Ukraine SDGs Awareness Session

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