Zambia and South Africa's online session
aimed at capacity building for peace.

On 24th February, MasterPeace Zambia and MasterPeace South Africa organised a Zambia-South Africa Webinar under the theme “The role of youth leadership in peace building.” This was in commemoration of the 31st anniversary of the release of Nelson Mandela from prison and in preparation for the forthcoming general elections in Zambia.

he guest presenter was Dr. Rose Fumpa-Makano a Public Policy Specialist from the Dag Hammarskjöld Institute for Peace and Conflict Studies at the Copperbelt University; Dr. Makano presented on the nexus of unemployment, poverty and peace building in connection with space creation within which youths can become agents of peace building in Southern Africa, she delivered an inspirational message that sat the table for the participation, in addition to other guests; two foundations from the USA, who started to network with Ray to consult with him about internal issues in Zambia.

The other foundation also discussed with one of intervenes to kick start initiatives meant for pre school education, other audience members included youth leaders from various political parties in Zambia and other youth leaders from south Africa, and on the sidelines of the meeting were observers who joined in from the Netherlands, U.S., South Africa, Morocco and Zambia.

During this meeting, Nico the club leader for MasterPeace South Africa introduced to the online audience a young male African, in his twenties. The youth leader has asked Nico to be his coach as he would like to do a similar walk like the one that Nico did. He wants to do a 3000km walk for raising awareness for gender-abuse, equality and human trafficking. Nico has embraced the responsibility of coaching the youth leader as a means of extending capacity building for integrity at grassroots level.

Prior to Nico and Ray collaboration, they met at the last Bootcamp of MasterPeace in Tunisia in 2019. in which the idea of collaborating with one another emerged and started brainstorming on officiating a series of Webinars that connects Zambia and South Africa discussions and focus issues and paving a platform to invite inspirational guests.

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