Arts in Education

By Aart Bos l MasterPeace Leadership
This Sunday the world celebrated the International Day of Education. MasterPeace was invited to participate in the prestigious; 2 days of webinars with the motto: learning together to meet the challenges of our times.
We explored the role of Arts in Education and our great ambassador who is a world-famous artist shared his personal story on Monday during the session that was organized by our partner
Together we explored 3 aspects:
  1. the role of Arts in Education and how to engage youngsters
  2. Its impact and how to empower youngsters and their teachers
  3. how to integrate the many best practices and connect likeminded organisations
Emmanuel shared his personal story being a child soldier from South Sudan in maybe the most complex and dangerous situation you can imagine.
He shared that at that time his past was horrifying, his future troublesome and in the present his life was at stake. But at his deepest moment of despair at a moment that he thought he would be killed he realized that their must be reason that he survived that moment!  He imagined how it would be when he became a doctor, a teacher. 
His imagination created a mental space. He encouraged us to use imagination and all aspects of culture to teach our youngsters that they do have an option to create their future and a better future to their community and even beyond.
As a teenager, he realized that he is a talented singer that brought him to all the podia in the world. He developed great training on leadership and talent development.
To all teachers and school management; feel free to contact me when you are eager to learn from this great person and his journey from victim to the artist to leadership trainer
 As MasterPeace we believe we have 7 billion talents, not 7 billion issues. My bottom line we have 7 billion reasons to be part of the solution. Not in the future; My and Your future is NOW.

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