Every Child Matter! Celebrating the International Day of Children in Ghana

MasterPeace club Ghana together with the Dreamshapers Foundation celebrated the day of the African Child focusing on the quality of education and Ghanaian culture. The celebrations took place on the 19th of June with over 350 participants.
Through the massacre which occurred in Soweto, South Africa in 1976 when over 700 children lost their lives while peacefully demonstrating to demand fair educational policies, the 16th of June each year has been slated to commemorate this day by the Organisation of the African Union (OAU) to serve as a remembrance day and also promote the improvement of educational systems in the African Region that reflect the standard upheld globally.
Upon the importance of using this day to create the awareness of the need for quality education in Africa and the world and help underprivileged children to improve their educational status, there was a need to come up with a program that will enable others to also join in the movement.
Research shows that one out of ten children is still out of school globally. About 2.7 billion children of school going age are illiterate across the world with a higher percentage residing in Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa to be precise. As much as the percentage number of children out of school has reduced over the years, the actual numbers reveal that there is still a lot of work to be done to ensure no child is left out. Several studies have proven that, when a child receives education, it increases his/her ability to become successful in future. 
The program focused on Sustainable Development Goal 3 which was planned under the theme ‘Promoting a Holistic Quality Education and the Ghanaian Culture”. As it goal centered on championing; 
– Holistic quality educational systems.  
– Nurturing the talents of children as a core component of child education.
– Creating educational opportunities for underprivileged children.
– Equal opportunities for children with disabilities.
– Teaching children to appreciate the Ghanaian culture and our language.
After the concept of the program has been put together, a category of participants were decided on which entailed primary students (grade one to six), political leaders (MP, Municipal Chief Executive, Ambassadors and Assembly Members), celebrities, social workers and media personnel with a target of 350 participants. 
After the event, schools that participated in the contest were more encouraged to employ techniques in their teaching method that will make students more knowledgeable as well as giving students the chance to improve upon their talents. Additionally, the Member of Parliament made a strong case for the government to invest into education that prepares students to be employable. Moreover, the dignitaries promised their support for subsequent projects to be organized by Dreamshapers Foundation.
The event was live streamed on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dreamshapersfoundation/videos/238035664428397/

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