Franklin D. Roosevelts asks YOU “What Freedom do you WANT”

In January 1941, President Franklin D. Roosevelt delivered a historic speech to the United States Congress in which he outlined his vision for a world that respected the fundamental human rights of every individual. He declared that there were four essential freedoms that every person should be entitled to, regardless of their race, religion, or nationality.
Roosevelt’s Four Freedoms speech was a call to action for people worldwide to work towards a future in which these essential human rights were respected and protected. These “Four Freedoms” would become a rallying cry for the Allied forces during World War II and inspire future generations.
– The 1st of the Four Freedoms was Freedom of Speech and expression. 
– The 2nd: Freedom of Worship. 
– The 4th Freedom from Fear.
– But my call to all of you is to upgrade his 3rd Freedom, “The Freedom from WANT”. In his days, Roosevelt recognized that poverty and economic insecurity were significant threats to individual freedom and democracy. He believed every person had the right to a basic standard of living, including food, shelter, and healthcare.
Today Governments, businesses, and civil society need to work on a new type of WANT, not only reducing poverty and uplifting the economy.
The new WANT requires a redefinition of Growth, to include all people’s well-being and using only what the planet offers us as guests of this beautiful earth. As MasterPeace, we are partnering with the We work with the MasterPeace clubs in Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Lebanon, Croatia, Kosovo, and Morocco to tailor this methodology focused on social inclusion within the planet’s boundaries.
The MasterPeace network in 45 countries will launch a campaign “CooLeaders” to act for climate change. In 2022 our network realized 400 projects with local impact. All focus on engaging, connecting, and empowering thousands of youngsters. We will engage them to start dialogues and actions to meet the challenging ambitions mentioned in the Paris Agreement.
We will raise awareness about the issue’s urgency and promote action at the grassroots level. We will continue working with vulnerable communities to ensure that no one is left falling short of life’s essentials. That humanity does not collectively overshoot the planetary boundaries that protect Earth’s life-supporting systems.
We will advocate for policy changes at the national and international levels and work with governments and businesses to ensure that climate change is integrated into development policies and business plans.
We will co-create with the media to raise awareness about the issue, highlight the innovations already available for vulnerable communities, and continue to work on new solutions. As a global movement, we will scale great ideas from one city to all our changemakers in 45 countries. Scaling is key to speed up transformation

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