Horticulture Cold Storage

Empowering through innovation with MasterPeace India-Odisha

Opening of the Solar Powered Horticulture Cold Storage, Daspalla, Odisha (2022)

In a time where economic pressure on farmers is greater than ever, and the costs of and access to renewable energy remain a barrier for rural populations, investing in innovations to address both needs is essential.  Towards that end, MasterPeace India-Odisha, together with Brunel University in the UK, have established a Solar Powered Horticulture Cold Storage Unit in 45 villages of Daspalla, Odisha.

Relying on renewable solar energy via an array of solar panels, to power its cold chain technology, their goal is to provide storage for locally grown fruits and vegetables.   Making use of such storage, reduces the need for “distress selling” (having to sell off products as quickly as possible) and doubles the income of farmers. This innovation has a particular benefit for 500 female farmers in Daspalla, who represent a significant percentage of the farming community.

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