Improving Smiles: Oral Health Campaigns in Assam

In rural Assam, the Oral Health Awareness Campaigns led by MasterPeace India’s Assam club are making a huge difference in the lives of people. The campaign was conducted on 10 May 2024. Supported by the Siloti Archive Research and Cultural Centre and Paikan Yuva Munch, the aim of the campaign was to improve dental health in these rural communities with limited access. The campaign significantly contributed to Sustainable Development Goal 3, which primarily focuses on ensuring healthy lives and promoting well-being for all.

Oral Hygiene in rural Assam, like in many other parts of India, faces significant challenges. Limited access to dental care, lack of awareness about oral health, and inadequate hygiene practices contribute to widespread dental health issues. Many residents in these areas have never visited a dentist, and preventive care is often neglected. The impact of poor oral hygiene is not limited to just dental problems but extends beyond, affecting overall quality of life. 

The success of this initiative owes a lot to Dr. Yahya Ahmed Barbhuiya from Kalain Dental Clinic and Dr. Masum Ahmed Barbhuiya from Barak Dental Spot. Their support and expertise have been invaluable for this initiative. The doctors also shared their thoughts on the campaign’s success. “It should be our goal to make dental care accessible and educate people on maintaining their oral health” said one of the doctors.

Abdullah, the MasterPeace India- Assam club leader, said, “The success of this program portrays the urgency for sustained oral health initiatives in rural parts of Assam. “We are committed to making dental care accessible to everyone and making the communities aware to ensure long-term health benefits,” he added.

Throughout the campaign, over 70 patients received thorough check-ups and free medication, marking an important step towards better oral health. This event showed how effective community-driven efforts can be in promoting wellness.  The campaign has also inspired local youth to take an active role in promoting oral hygiene.

Individuals who came for the check-up expressed their gratitude and shared their experiences. “I have never had a dental check-up before,” said one of the local residents. “Thanks to this campaign, I received treatment and learned how to take care of my teeth properly. It has been a life-changing experience for me and my family.”

Thanks to the ongoing support from the partners, the MasterPeace India-Assam club will be able to run the weekly village-to-village oral health awareness campaign. This consistent effort will help ensure better oral health for more people across rural Assam.

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