MasterPeace Africa: Romania organizes peace walk for Africa

Featured Image MasterPeace Africa Romania Organizes Peace Walk For Africa

What Happened

On the 16th of June 2017, MasterPeace Romania held for the second year ‘The Peace Walk in the city of Ploiesti’, a unique event in Romania that referrers to the Human Rights and the need of making aware to the public that we are all equal and we need to protect our dignity and rights. On this day we celebrated also The Day of the African Child.

The Peace Walk gathered more then 80 members or volunteers of MasterPeace Ro Association and hundreds on the way.

MasterPeace partnered up with Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light Association from South Korea. Also the event was held with the support of PETROTEL – LUKOIL S.A.

For one hour we were able to let our voices be heard on the main boulevard of the city and we tried to present our partners vision of the Values of Peace.

The first part of the event is the registration of the participants and the observance of the rules of conduct during the march. The second component is the march that takes place on the roadside to the administrative palace where peace quotes and human rights advocacy will be scrutinized.


1- MasterPeace Romania brought to the forefront the suffering of a disadvantaged group to Romania and Europe

2- Spread awareness on the topic of peace and human rights.

3- Celebrate with their African partners, the day of children as a symbol of a future built on respect for human rights .

4- Some members of the public joined the MasterPeace Club as new members to be active in different events.

5- MasterPeace Romania received an invitation to the county coalition of NGO that is part of the advisory board of the county government.

Next Steps:

1- Adding more organization to the third edition of the walk

2- MasterPeace Romania will empower more organization to join together this call

3- Discussions with local government on the Human Rights agenda in Romania and how this can affect the global agenda


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