MasterPeace Nepal: Quality Education for Future Changemakers

Ashwini Dhakal

Ashwini Dhakal

Resource Mobilization Team Member

Helping transform a classroom into a home, where students can actively explore, acquire pragmatic education, and have fun along the way- that is impactful change.

Building something meaningful from scratch is not an easy job, but with genuine dedication and passion; it can be done. This is the story of MasterPeace Club of Nepal. The team has constructed 3 primary schools which serve as a gateway to higher education for hundreds of bright children from vulnerable communities.

 A few years ago no one could have imagined a tiny messy hut becoming a school. Children in the neighborhood sat nearby on the streets watching planes fly overhead, wondering about what that world is and dreaming of ways to reach it.   MasterPeace Nepal dared to take action and change that dream into reality. In January 2021, MasterPeace Nepal successfully distributed computers, projectors and printers in 4 different schools (Shree Bhumesthan Primary School, Shree Janata Primary School, Shree Barahi Primary School, Shree Amarjyoti Primary School) located in rural districts of Nepal, Kavre and Dhading. With cooperation from the Government of Nepal, MasterPeace Nepal carried out the distribution event together with teachers, local personalities and students. Club founder Mr Santosh Bidari and his team understand the importance of ensuring lifelong learning opportunities for all and thus, the organization is committed to promoting SDG 4: Quality Education.

It has been well documented that building a four-wall classroom alone isn’t in itself a solution. Helping transform a classroom into a home, where students can actively explore, acquire pragmatic education, and have fun along the way- that is impactful change. Thus, this project was one of the steps to tackle conventional ways of learning to enhance their overall understanding of the lesson contents via videos, music, doing presentations, group dancing and in a nutshell: digital learning. Mr. Bidari and director Punam Khadgi also consulted with teachers about the student’s situation, their further needs and the most efficient ways of utilizing available learning-teaching resources. The new computer and printers empower teachers who can use them for lesson preparation and conduct other administrative tasks. 

It may seem small if we compare this to the education system of advanced countries, however such notable initiatives in the rural area of developing countries have proven to be decisive in fostering a sustainable educational system. During the handover event, parents were visibly delighted to see their children get access to computers and enjoy different forms of learning.  

“Play, Learn and Grow Together” is the theme of MasterPeace Nepal and this event is part of their campaign to strengthen education through technology and digital learning. The children from vulnerable communities’ benefit as MasterPeace Nepal is covering almost all the educational expenses. The campaign also focuses on upgrading learning-teaching methodology so that at the end of the day, talents can be mobilized for a sustainable future and new generations of change makers will emerge. 

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