My Future Is NOW

The project My Future is NOW aims to encourage democratic and civic participation of
youngsters in 6 countries (Netherlands, Germany, Bosnia, Albania, Romania and Estonia).
Our theory of change is based on three steps; “Engage, Connect and Empower”, as a bottom
up approach.

Engage and encourage youngsters to be involved in democratic and community building
Connect different youngsters with a variety of perceptions to create a broader and better
Empower youngsters via knowledge of processes and EU achievements and opening new
networks and platforms to start projects and activities.

Based on our experience and research three thematic dimensions (Jobs and livelihood, migration & integration (in democratic processes) are the common thread to help them open up, understand the opportunities for societal and community work and meet their peers in other EU countries.

The project makes use of the Boiling frog game as a conversation starter about what freedom means to persons. When you put a frog in a pan full of boiling water, he’ll immediately jump out: too hot! But if you heat him up inside the pan, he will stay. Nice and warm – until he is cooked alive. We use this analogy of the boiling frog to address the abstract topic of freedom. When do things become too hot, when should you jump up to protect freedom.

We have made a special programme manual + materials for teachers or moderators to play the game during a session with a group, which includes instructions on how to create a “make your call-to-action poster”. You can find more information here.

With the “call-to-action poster” workshop, we challenge you to think about possible
solutions to keep our freedom, and to visualize your ideas in one of the poster templates that are related to the topic. Check out the posters that already are made here.

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