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“Artivist Stafëte” is a project funded under the grant for Support to Active Citizenship by the European Commission and is funded by the European Union. The project is implemented locally by Dutch organizations MasterPeace and Stichting art.1, in partnership with Open Mind Spectrum Albania (OMSA) and ACT for SOCIETY Center. This project aims to improve the environment for active citizenship and civic participation by providing civil society sector organizations (CSOs) with tools to grant-marginalized groups and side-lined voices in Albania with instruments to infiltrate the mainstream narrative and democratic dialogue at a local, Albanian and European level.
What is Website & User-friendly Mobile App
The duration of the artivism productions are related to the project implementation involving all rotating cycles and these productions are implemented by other CSOs supported .
– Applicants must have experience creating state-of-art website & maintenance of the page
– Ability to coordinate with sub granted partners and answer their requirements during project implementation   
-Applicants must have experience in hosting interactive web pages & mobile applications, with experience to make online tools interactive and engaging for users to utilize.
– Constant updates of the website and mobile application with content about the project and different news, updates, and materials related to the project
– Ability to attract participants from the target group and potential activities, by creating online
communities that are engaging to the target group.
– Part of an interactive network of other CSOs that could be invited for training and activities during project implementation
Deadline: 18th of October 2021 
Available Budget
The available budget for the website and mobile application  sub-granting is of   :
– Website Development is 11 300 EUR
– Mobile Application ( digital artivism application ) is 10 500 EUR
Payment allocations are to be made after contract signing
Eligible Applicants
The current Call for Proposals seeks to support  applications that can be combined as a consortium of CSO and private ICT company OR a partnership between CSO and a private company, OR CSO  that would provide mobile applications and website application  as separated services from one to another and that are willing to engage as  service providers to our target groups including hosted activities on advocacy, citizenship  action as our main core of the project, working in the following thematic areas:
Applicant’s main tasks, responsibilities, and competencies ( among others)
Main tasks:
  • Successful applicants will be in charge of creating the web development and web- maintenance. This entails the timely implementation of all programming, design and connectivity details throughout the grant’s duration.
  • Successful applicants will be in charge of creating the front-end mobile app development and monitoring application throughout the grant’s duration
  • Successful applicants will be in charge of the on-going administration of the web  space, as if , therefore ensuring the appropriate use of the web & mobile application , ensuring the timely distribution of information to its users, and the overall user experience within the space.
  • Applicants must have proven experience in online interaction and engagement, as well as in the recollection and processing of traffic and user feedback with which to implement a constant improvement of the space’s usability.
  • Likewise, applicants must have proven experience in creating, maintaining and developing user- friendly mobile application.
Please note that the deadline is 
30th of September 2021 
For more information: We will host an (online) info session on 9th of September 
How to apply?
To apply, please fill in the application form, which can be found here, and send it by email to
For further information regarding this call, the procedure of application, and criteria of selection, please contact

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