Prevention of Covid-19

By Aart Bos l MasterPeace Leadership

2020 has remarkably been a challenging year with the outburst of Covid-19 pandemic; As the spread has effected virtually every country in the world, MasterPeace African clubs have been actively responsive to act upon the outburst and have organized and have been integrating most Covid-19-related activities in their regular projects, and maintained essential healthcare in their already existing programmes.

The ongoing pandemic demanded from the club leaders to join forces to adjust their programmes and create new ways to best serve children and deprived communities during this time.

The projects planned were often in the form of training in infection prevention and control, health promotion and organization of healthcare services with a specific focus on the (mental) health of the youth.


MasterPeace Ghana

MasterPeace Ghana together with Dream Shapers Foundation (DSF) have worked on a 3-day program to support two communities in the Dagme West District of Greater Accra, Ghana. The team members of MasterPeace Ghana carried out a major relief program that kicked start a massive health screening campaign to create awareness for communicable diseases and basic public issues. While people were screened, the little ones were reading a book with the volunteers.

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As a way to promote health recommendations to fight Covid-19 in thousands of rural and urban communities, such as town hall of Bujumbura, the economic capital of Burundi, Ntahangwa , Mukaza and Muha communities.

Masterpeace Burundi has organized awareness campaigns to help dispel misinformation about Covid-19 while promoting precautionary medical guidelines measures like frequent hand washing and wearing masks.

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MasterPeace Congo organized several awareness workshops mostly in the community of BuKavu. The project also included a workshop addressing the pandemic related issues of three main urban municipalities of Bukavu City, at the level of intra-family socio-economic problems.

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The team of MasterPeace Guinea handed out self created face-masks to create awareness for Covid-19. 

MasterPeace Guinea

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