Stress Free Summer Festival


World Peace Initiative Foundation and MasterPeace Foundation organized an online campaign with a series of online activities to provide a stress-free summer in July 2020. At this point, the whole world had been struggling through the devastations caused by the global pandemic COVID19 for six months, and people from all walks of life were experiencing its mental, physical, social, and economic consequences.

We believe that as movements advocating for global peace, we had the responsibility as well as the strength to provide peaceful and stress-free days to individuals around the world. Therefore, we have decided to co-create a week full of activities and connect the whole world virtually.

Therefore, both WPI and MasterPeace brought together trainers with various expertise, who shared their knowledge and tools to help create peace of mind and stay positive.


World Peace Initiative is an international organization consistently driven forward by highly talented and skilled individuals from every corner of the world who strongly believe in the power of inner peace towards sustainable world peace. Hence, they work enthusiastically with great dedication and passion to help people develop themselves further.


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