Poem: “The Cool Birds and the Future of Uganda”

By Enock Nsubuga – MasterPeace Uganda

“In the heart of Uganda, a land of strife
Where climate change has brought great sorrow
The year is 2045, a fight for life
As nature’s wrath has left us hollow.

Once lush forests now stand barren and bare
Their leaves long gone, a haunting sight
And on the brink of extinction, we share
Our sorrow for the mountain gorilla’s plight.

Yet amidst this desperate tide of despair
A group of young heroes with hearts aflame
United as Cool Birds, they take their stand
To protect Uganda’s legacy, its precious name.

They raise their voices, their message clear
To rally awareness and wake the world
With wings of hope, they persevere
Their duty to nature, steadfastly unfurled.

The Cool Birds program, their shining star
Trains the youth to monitor and observe
For birds, they are a symbol from afar
Of climate change’s devastating curve.

With every flutter, every graceful flight
Birds speak of a world in delicate balance
Through their decline, we are given a sight
Of our environment’s disrupted cadence.

Empowered by knowledge, the youth take flight
Their voices heard, their actions taken
With policy in hand, they ignite
A change that shall not be forsaken.

The Cool Birds and Leaders of Uganda’s plight
A beacon of hope in darkest of days
For these young warriors, the future is bright
Their dedication, a hymn of praise.

In Uganda’s young, we find our reservoir
Of strength and courage, they show the way
With determination, they will heal the scar
And create a sustainable world every day.

This award-winning poem shall honour their fight
The Cool Birds and Leaders of Uganda’s grace
For in their hands, our futures unite
In their hearts, a brighter world we embrace.”

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