Introducing our Exciting Pilot Projects that will transform Cities through Artivism and Doughnut Economics

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our eagerly awaited pilot projects under the DOUACTism project that started in January this year. These initiatives are set to make a remarkable impact in cities around the world by engaging young workers and young people in innovative initiatives based on the concepts of Artivism and Doughnut Economics.

The DOUACTism project’s main objective is to boost the quality, capacity, and recognition of CSOs in a transnational coalition of CSOs, fostering the development and implementation of innovative Non-Formal Education (NFE) formats to engage, connect, and empower youngsters, in line with the EU Youth Strategy. This includes a special focus on young women in rural areas.

The project is being implemented in the Netherlands (MasterPeace Global Foundation), Kosovo (SIT), Morocco (MP Morocco), Croatia (Lumen), and Lebanon (LDN) and is funded by the European Union, Erasmus+.

The DOUACTism project aims to ignite change by launching these pilot projects in various cities and countries. These projects focus on engaging young people and youth workers in innovative initiatives that revolve around Artivism and Doughnut Economics, which are at the heart of creating sustainable and thriving communities.

Our trained youth workers will embark on a six-month journey of engagement with young people and project development. They will collaborate with 200 young people from 5 countries to collectively create pilot projects tailored to their respective cities.

Under the overarching theme of Artivism and Doughnut Economics, young participants will express their visions for a thriving city using the framework of the doughnut theory. Each country’s group of youngsters will be divided into clusters that correspond to the doughnut’s five clusters. They will critically analyze the gaps between their dreams and the current reality, aiming to bridge these gaps with innovative recommendations to present to city representatives.

The ultimate goal of our pilot projects is to see 25 transformative initiatives come to life. Each country will contribute five projects, making a total of 25 pilot projects to shape the future of their cities.

Don’t miss out on the excitement and updates from these pilot projects! Stay connected with us through our social channels and keep an eye on our website for regular updates. Together, we are set to transform cities and inspire positive change through the power of Artivism and Doughnut Economics.

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